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UTS 846


Super portable testing equipment applied to both smart substations and traditional substations around the world.

Meticulously designed by KINGSINE, a leading Chinese technology company with over 24 years in the market and one of the main suppliers of test and measurement equipment to the Chinese government.

In 2022, KINGSINE began a partnership with ExS Solutions, where a study group was created between the R&D departments of both companies. 

Main features

- High precision and control of electrical quantities;

- Cutting-edge technology;

- Enables testing protection relays (digital, electromechanical...);

- 10 independent analog channels;

- Variable DC battery simulator;

- RTS 846: IEC61850 (OPTIONAL): 

Automatically imports SCL files (SCD, ICD, CID, NPI) to perform automatic configuration of sampled values and GOOSE information, and save sample values and GOOSE configuration information as a configuration file for testing. Supports graphical display of SCD files, graphically displays IED interconnection relationship and virtual terminal connection.

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