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Developed to meet field testing requirements, the CMGPS receives signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and provides output at a user-specified time. This clock output is then used as a trigger input to start the CMC test suite.

The Omicron CMGPS is a GPS-based synchronization unit that is used with a CMC256 or CMC356 test set. By performing end-to-end testing of line protection schemes, it allows the operator to initiate multiple test sets simultaneously. The CMGPS is typically ready for operation just 5 minutes after start-up and the synchronization pulse can be configured according to application requirements. The software is integrated into test modules (such as State Sequencer) and is also provided as a standalone application. It allows configuration of the first output pulse, pulse rate and polarity.

Specifications at a glance:

Pulse Out 1

- Type: CMOS output

- Accuracy: error <± 1 μs

Pulse Out 2

- Type: open collector output

- Accuracy: error <± 5 μs

- Galvanic isolation: optocoupler, isolation according to IEC 1010, test voltage 3 kVrms

GPS data

- Time until operation: typ. 5 min

- Pulse polarity: positive or negative

- Pulse rate: 1… 65535 s (in 1 s steps)

- Pulse width: 200 ms

- Test set synchronization: error <100 μs / <5 μs

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