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Ekip Connect is supervision and control software that increases the potential of Ekip electronic trip units

 Ekip Connect is designed for data exchange with one or more protection trip units, which:

- Assists in system commissioning; All system parameters and protection thresholds can be quickly configured on Ekip trip units thanks to the software's easy and intuitive navigation pages.

- Allows quick access to diagnostics; It is possible to consult and download event, alarm and trip records from trip units, facilitating the identification and understanding of anomalies.

- Allows you to test the communication network; Ekip Connect performs an automatic scan of the Modbus RS-485 or Modbus TCP network and determines whether the circuit breakers have been connected correctly. In case of an error, it signals incorrect settings of the communication parameters (address, baud rate, parity).

The highlight features of Ekip Connect are:

- Integration with DOC project software; adjustments and configurations calculated by the DOC software can be downloaded directly to the protective trip units, reducing commissioning times and the chances of error.

- Ease of connection: Ekip trip units, equipment with Mosbus TCP Ekip COM modules, can be controlled directly via an EtherNet network.

- Multimedia: Ekip Connect was designed to operate on computers, tablets and smartphones.

- * Automatic update via the internet; Connected to the internet, this software is capable of continuously controlling the availability of updates.

Used in conjunction with the Ekip T&P programming and testing unit, Ekip Connect enables additional functionalities. Preset and custom tests can be run on trip units and test reports will be quickly available.

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